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Dear Waldorf community,

We inform you about the update of the wal-di privacy policy. The change was due to the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation.
We take the handling of personal data, especially of students, very seriously and refrain from tools, maps, likes and links to Google, Facebook & Co.

Summary of the most important notes

  • No data transfer to third parties (the use of the platform is free of charge, financing via donations and banners, for example Voelkel juices).
  • Data of the registration serves to use the service of our exchange platform, to present itself in the closed frame to the registered users and to exchange.
  • Registration information of the teacher / school representative is sent to the respective school office (teacher authentication / activation).
  • Student registration information is sent to appropriate school representative (student authentication / de-activation).
  • Analysis Services: Our website uses Piwik. The IP address will be anonymized so that you remain anonymous as a user.
  • Wal-di.com does not use any links and links to social networks and media (like Facebook & Co, Google Maps) because we have no control over their handling of the data.

Development: New System

We are currently converting the Wal-di platform into a state-of-the-art, closed system, with features like other social media applications such as posts, comments, likes, favorites, extensive search capabilities ... more

Financing / costs of the student platform.

Since completion of start-up support by the Federation of Waldorf Schools and the Software AG Foundation, the ongoing operation and support of the wal-di platform is currently financed by contributions from individual schools and mainly from own funds. In addition, we invest a considerable amount of free time in further development.

We want to continue offering the wal-di platform to all students for free and ask for your support.

Bank details
Company name: wal-di.com UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Name: Andreas Patzelt

Bank Name: Sparkasse Lüneburg
Bank ID/Bank Code: 240 501 10 
Bank account number: 0065388126 
IBAN: DE52 2405 0110 0065 3881 26
Street: An der Münze 4-6 
City: 21335 Lüneburg 
Country: Germany
Purpose: Support of the wal-di.com exchange platform 


With best regards
Anke and Andreas Patzelt

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